banner-02Specialist Wallpaper Hanging: A blank wall may lack the vigor your room longs for. Why not give it a new look by installing wallpapers all across the room? Be it your kid’s room or your bedroom, there can definitely not be a better option than wallpaper hanging. From abstract patterns to regal art, wildlife, floral designs, retro or monochrome motifs, these wall coverings showcase prints and images to beautify your home from wall to wall.

Wood finishing: Your wooden indoors or outdoors need that perfect finish for an eye-catching look. Imagine how it will feel like when it comes to showcasing such regal ambience with stunning wood work for display. It can be the outdoor patio, fence, decks or the furniture indoor, Color in Motion will send its personnel to stain the wooden items with high quality polish lending them a never before makeover.

Spray painting: When innovation seeps into decor, all you can expect to enjoy is a beautiful living space with great aesthetics and comfort. Spray painting is a stunning way to add colors to your life. Our professionals make use of water or oil based technology to spray pigments on the walls. The paints used are high on permanence and durability, brilliance and light fastness. The best thing, the paints we use are versatile and can match with different color spectrum.

Floor Painting: While you have focused much of your attention to the walls and various corners of your home, the base under your feet may have been ruled out. The interior flooring is an equally important aspect which deserves a makeover when it comes to home remodeling. Whether it is a normal flooring or one that is made of wood, our experts will go an extra mile polishing the floor and coloring them to perfection, leaving no grain behind.

Anti-Graffiti Coating: Isn’t it too annoying to find the exteriors of your house being messed up with Graffiti? At Color in Motion we provide professional solutions ensuring that your property stays protected from such a chaos.

3D painting: At Color in Motion we take up simple to intricate projects. We have primary and advanced set-up for our clients to enjoy 3D painting. Our designers work on highly admirable digital designs at exciting costs.

Feature Walls: Do you think that a splash of fresh paint will only make a difference? Think beyond and let us introduce ideas to brighten the dull corners of your home or work place. We offer newest designs and installations to add to the value and appearance of the interiors with dynamic features conceptualized by our experts.

Mould Protection Coating System: Protection of your property is our concern, so we take high quality solutions to ensure mould protection. We provide the much known high performance mould protection, Microban coating which has been developed keeping microbial growth, stain, odour, mould and mildew growth in. This powerful coating keeps your living and commercial spaces away from threats of microbe infestation.

Plaster Services: Nothing can be more prized than a home that has your sweat and toil behind its built. In order to add a finesse to the entire house, our professionals seek all the measures for successful plaster services. From beginning till the end, these highly experienced professionals will offer their best efforts to give rise to a house, strong and beautiful.

Tiles Painting: We are highly experienced in tile painting. We clean and wash the tiles followed by an application of 2-pac paint on them. It not only enhances the look of your tiles but also your home.